Everybody has a busy life, it’s nice sometimes to have a break, turn off internet access, devices and TV, and spend quality time with your family and friends by playing games.

This is what Huello.ltd is here for: on this website you will find a selection of games that come from all around the world. AND NO, board games, card games or wooden games are not old fashioned!

Some of them are classics in some countries (like for the Mille Bornes in France, where I come from), and timeless. Some others are handmade. They all have a story to tell.

To start with, we will be selling one game: the Mille Bornes, but more will come.

As a child, I have played this game years and years with my parents. As a mum, I have done the same with my children.

So on you markies, get your car keys, and GO!