Dice Mania

Posted on Saturday 10 Nov. 2018

421 and 5000

2 games in one !

A combinaison of my French childhood (421) with my Kiwi husband’s one (5000).



If you are looking for an easy dice game with a different twist, try this favorite from France. There are two phases, in the first phase the loser of the round takes chips from the pot. During the second phase the winner gives his or her chips to the loser of the round. The player who gives away the last of his or her chips first wins. What you need : 3 dice, friends or family members.





You don’t need to be a math genius to play this game of unknown origins. Just roll the five dice to earn points. Once a player goes over 5000 points, then all other players get one last turn to try and beat the score! The player with the most points wins. What you need : 5 dice, some maths skills (or a calculator), a pen and paper.




Game contents : one jute bag, a dice tray (to built), 5 wooden dice, 21 wooden chips, game rules

Made in New Zealand from sustainable imported and local components

2,3,4 or 6 players

Not suitable for under 3 years old.